Anija Seedler: Erdferkel werkeln ewig

Aardvarks Root Around Forever

Anija Seedler
with verses by Sebastian David


Animals in their peculiar nature — rare, exotic, and strange exemplars are illustrated through image and word. Smirking, scowling, murmuring, screeching, smiling, muttering, and confusing ... An experienced take on their kinds, affectionately revealing and interpreting their personalities in light-hearted fascination and cheeky wit. An exciting and colourful expedition into the observatory realm.


book design: Svea Gustavs
typeface: Syntax
paper: Gardapat Kiara 135 g/m2
lithography: Kayscan, Rostock
print: Stadtdruckerei Weidner GmbH, Rostock
binding: Kunst- und Verlagsbuchbinderei GmbH, Leipzig

With the support of the Foundation Kunstfonds/VG Bild-Kunst.

2019 28,5 x 22 cm, 32 pages, hard cover with linen spine, German text

ISBN 978-3-937938-08-0 (D)

24,00 Euro

The English edition Aardvarks Root Around Forever is published with
ISBN 978-90-79962-07-5 (NL)

24,00 Euro